Recently, work has begun on Augmented Reality projects using Vuforia, aimed at clients interested in promoting their products and services in exciting new ways. Using Augmented Reality, an engaging 3D smartphone or iPad app can be created that is a great way to add fun and extra value to your customer experience.

Creative design has been, and continues to be, the driving force behind MediaJuJu. Over the years clients have consisted of a range of companies and individuals and a wide variety of projects requiring the marketing of products through graphics, effective branding and online identity.
An understanding of image editing software, website design and coding are now essential parts of a graphic designers skill set, but just as important is the ability to communicate with clients effectively about their needs in order to make their vision a reality. This applies to all projects, both small and large, from augmented reality to website design and more.

Software & resource packages often used include:

Unity (Unityscript/ CSharp)
Photon Multiplayer
Playfab Backend
Paint Shop Pro

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